Fire King: Side pictures

Fire King

Project by Xuân Tiêu Lầu [Not A.N.A. Group].

I posted these pictures because I got really bored and decided to edit them, and I was part of XTL for that one project. Amazing people to work with.

Line up: K – Trọng Thiên [Zhong Tian], Ngân Phụng – Tư Đồ Phụng  Kiếm [Feng Jian], Kira3 – Hoàng Hậu, Elsy – Ưu Hà

Photographer: Hoàng Diệp

Costume: Hoàng Phong Shop, Ngân Phụng

Hair & Make up: Hoàng Diệp, Huyết Phụng



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