Manga Festival 2012 – Rouge

Manga Festival 2012 – Rouge

Location: Nhà Văn Hóa Thanh Niên, HCMC

This is just a collection of my pictures at MF – Day 2, for the whole event’s pictures, go to my FB page

Photo credits: Shad Redeath, West Meo no Baka, Kai, & others

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Neko-chan & Leather Corset

Neko-chan & Leather Corset

Line up: K

Costume: K & Bạch Phụng

Photographer: Kea

Make up & Retouch: K

Fansign by Ruiki

Note: this is not really a costume, more like a mixture of my cat ear; corset from 7th rose; leather band, skirt & pant from corvinus =))

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