P: Hakuouki: Unexpected encounter (Chikage x Hijikata)

Aozora no Ayame Group presents

Hakuouki: Unexpected Encounter

Line up: K (Hijikata), Kan Ryukai (Chikage)

Photographer: Master Spir


This was not part of the main series, it’s just me being bored and running out of things to do in my dorm room

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P – The dark life: Evil aristocrats

The dark life: Evil aristocrats

Line up: K, Ayame, Shini (along with KoiHime and Jeanny who didn’t appear in the pictures that I chose below)

Photographer: Elf-chan


Original pictures: KoiHime’s FB

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P – Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Aozora no Ayame Group presents

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Line up: K (Hijikata), Kan Ryukai (Chikage), Elsy (Okita), Fuu (Chizuru), Kita (Harada & Saitou)

Photographer: Master Spir, Kan Ryukai, K

PS: Kan Ryukai, Master Spir, Jin Nguyen

Costume: K

Location: French Old Church at Ba Vi National Park

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