Vocaloid: Kagamine Hachi Hachi Hana Gassen

Vocaloid: Kagamine Hachi Hachi Hana Gassen

K as Kagamine Len

Photo: Ruiki Toji

Retouch: K

Costume & Make up: K

Location: Hillwood Estate, Museum & Garden – Washington DC, US


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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

K as Miran Froaude

Photo: Bach Phung

Retouch: K & Shad Redeath

Costume: K

Make up: Bach Phung

Location: Thien Son Suoi Nga, Ba Vi, Vietnam

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Thanh Miêu Tử Miêu – Chi Luân Hồi

Thanh Miêu Tử Miêu – Chi Luân Hồi


Line up: Thanh Miêu & Tử Miễu (K)

Photographer: Bạch Phụng

Costume & Make up: Bạch Phụng

Retouch: K & Bạch Phụng

Many thanks to Thanh Nguyen, Sou Hoang & Huyet Phung

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